Limited Liability Company "Taiga"
About Us
Limited Liability Company "Taiga" is located in Yugorsk city in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra and has been operating successfully since 2000.
20 years of trading experience
The main activity of the company is timber cutting and further processing of wood.
Highly Qualified staff
The company's management consists of Russian and European specialists, highly qualified professionals many of whom began their professional development together with the company. Stable staffing allows to keep to the chosen path of development.
The latest technical solutions
The company has developed systematically from using hand saws to applying latest technologies, which allow to produce high-tech products today and provide access to global markets.
Foreign economic activity
Our products are highly demanded in foreign markets. Every year we deliver about 25 thousand cubic meters of lumber. The raw material base is provided by long-term lease agreements for forest plantations.
Delivery of products can be carried out by own car. Export products are delivered by rail.
Using modern technologies significantly reduces the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, allowes to use forest resources more carefully. Reforestation programs are on the list of our priorities. Each cutting area is being cleaned and cared, and trees taken from the forest are being replenished with seedlings that are grown in special conditions.
Every year our company increases the volume of logging and wood processing, it allows us to modernize and develop production, improve the quality and throughput efficiency.
Certificate of Origin ST 1 confirms that products exported outside the Russian Federation were manufactured on the territory of the Russian
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We have the opportunity to deliver production by our own vehicles, as well as to deliver by rail.

Deliveries are carried out on the territory of Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe.

Detailed information about delivery you can find out by contacting us by

Phone: 8 (34675) 75030
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General Director: Duk Peter Yurevich

Tel: +7(34675)75030

28a Gastello Street, Yugorsk city, KhMAO-Ugra

Post address: 628260, Russian Federation, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, st. Yugorsk city, Taiga LLC, P.O.B. 30
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